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The next member of your family is here.                                           (below find photos and videos)

Born December 27th, 2020  litter of 6


born January 4th, 2021 litter of 6

white micro mini 

Golden Doodles 



Mom "Shorty"(F1), bred to a miniature poodle, had 6 white pups and are ready for their new home March 1, 2021

Mom "Houston" , bred to a toy poodle had 6 pups, 4 all white, 1 tan with white feet, and 1 white with tan ears and are ready to go to their new homes Feb 21st, 2021

Litter of white Golden Doodles will be ready to go to their new home after July 30, 2019. 

Great child friendly and other pet friendly puppies are healthy and loving.

 Mom is a purebred English Golden Retriever named Emily whose parents are imported from Ukraine

          Dad is a purebred

purebred Miniature Poodle, named Snow

White golden doodle puppies at 15 weeks still fluffy with puppy coat.

Below purebred poodle puppies



Born October 17th, 20​18 SOLD       English Mini Doodles

Emily is an English Golden Retriever. This type of Golden Retriever is shorter than the common Retrievers and has a heavier, stockier body and wider face. They are always white but have a cream tone. Great family dogs.

Snow is a white male  Miniature Poodle. He is about 25lbs and is about 20 inches to the top of his shoulder as compared to 24 inches to the top of the shoulder of the male Standard Poodle. 

Golden Retrievers are smart and gentle family dogs.

They have a heavy water resistant coat and love the water.

Born June 13, 2018    SOLD

Dad is a purebred Standard Poodle and is large and loving and characteristically non- shedding.

              mobile groomer        

 Mike and Jacob 985-502-2235 cell

Photos by 

Mary Morvant 504-487-0321

O​ur puppies are calm, sweet, and love people.

Around 7 months the puppies will get their adult coat and their fine hair will become soft curl 

photos by Jessica  985-774-6965

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Covington, Louisiana

A Customer Said...

We are so pleased with our new puppy. He is already a member of the family. We love him. We will be sure to send you photos so you can watch him grow up!

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